Terry's Lifetime Powertrain Warranty


Complimentary New Vehicle Powertrain Warranty*

With all new vehicles purchased at Terry's Automotive Group, we will replace any failed powertrain component for as long as you own your vehicle, providing you have all the recommended maintenance performed at one of our dealership service facilities.



·           All internal lubricated parts

·           Cylinder block

·           Cylinder heads

·           Cylinder head gaskets

·           Flywheel

·           Manifold, exhaust

·           Manifold, intake

·           Oil pan

·           Oil pump

·           Thermostat

·           Thermostat housing

·           Timing chain cover

·           Timing chain, gears or belt

·           Turbocharger/Supercharger: unit factory installed

·           Water pump

·           Seals & gaskets



·           All internal parts

·           Torque convertor

·           Transfer case, including internal parts

·           Transmission case

·           Seals & gaskets



·           Axle shafts

·           Bearings: rear-wheel

·           Drive axle housing & all internal parts

·           Driveshaft

·           Retainers

·           Universal and constant velocity joints

·           Seals & gaskets



·           Axle Shafts

·           Bearings: front-wheel

·           Constant velocity & universal joints

·           Final drive housing & all internal parts

·           Hubs: automatic front locking (4-wheel drive)

·           Locking rings (4-wheel Drive)

·           Seals & gaskets



§  This program is for powertrain components only, internal engine, transmission/transaxle, axles, and differential, including all gaskets & seals.


§  Coverage will be for as long as you own your vehicle.


§  You must have all factory recommended maintenance performed at a Terry's Automotive Group dealership service department to maintain this coverage.


§  You will be provided with a maintenance book for our service department to validate on each visit.


§  All repairs covered by this warranty must be repaired at a Terry's Automotive Group dealership.


§  Terry's also authorizes other "same franchise" dealerships to perform recommended maintenance if the vehicle is not in the local area when the vehicle requires service. (In the rare occasion that this happens, you must notify the service department of the selling dealership & bring in a receipt and we will validate your maintenance book).


§  If the vehicle breaks down out of town, just bring it to the nearest "same franchise dealership" and have them call us before repairing, and we will approve the repair and reimburse you for the repair costs when you get back home.


§  Customers who move out of the area can simply cancel the "Terry's Lifetime Care" agreement.

This agreement is valid only for the original owner of the vehicle and is not transferable. *Complete terms and coverage are available on actual warranty document given at time of purchase. That document will govern any discrepancies between it and any promotional material.